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Marketing Automation

Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing efforts with our marketing automation solutions.

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Marketing Automation

Put your marketing efforts on autopilot

Marketing automation involves leveraging software to automate repetitive and marketing tasks such as email campaigns, social media posts, and targeted advertising.

We take a unique approach to marketing automation by combining personalized and engaging content with the most advanced automation tools. This ensures maximum ROI for your business and allows you to focus on what you do best - delivering quality care to your patients.

Marketing Automation

Our key focuses include...

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Automation Strategy

We take a tailored approach to marketing automation by creating a custom strategy that aligns with your business needs. We will work with you to identify key personas, channels, and messaging and determine which processes are best suited for automation.

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Set-Up & Implementation

We select and implement appropriate marketing automation tools to maximize the efficiency of your marketing efforts. We ensure your database and automation tools are fully integrated, allowing for a seamless flow of information.

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Content Marketing

We partner with you to bridge the gap between your content strategy and your marketing automation software. From crafting a compelling editorial calendar to expertly distributing it across the appropriate channels, our team handles all aspects of content marketing to ensure your requirements are met.

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Lead Tracking & Analytics

Our team track and measure the effectiveness of your healthcare marketing campaigns to identify high-quality leads based on engagement and behaviour. With detailed reports and analytics, we collect all the data necessary to make informed decisions and optimize your marketing strategy.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is online reputation management?
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Online reputation management (ORM) refers to actively monitoring, shaping and maintaining your brand’s image on the internet. It involves tracking and responding to customer reviews, boosting positive content, and mitigating negative content through strategies such as crisis management and public relations. It is an essential aspect of building and maintaining a strong, trustworthy online presence for your healthcare practice.

Do I need online reputation management?
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Online reputation management is essential for any healthcare practice with an online presence. In today's digital age, potential patients often research healthcare providers online before making an appointment. Negative reviews, incorrect information, or lack of information on your practice can greatly impact your ability to attract and retain patients.

How long does it take to see the results of ORM?
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The time it takes to see the results of ORM vary depending on the current state of your online reputation and the specific goals of the project. We have all of our clients sign on with an initial six-month contract, as it takes a few months of testing and optimizing to establish a steady, predictable pattern of results. We'll set performance-based goals every three months and closely communicate with you to ensure that we're meeting your expectations and delivering the results your practice needs.